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21st Century Renaissance

Harbingers of Rebirth Amidst Zeitgeist of the Early 21st Century
Pandemics. Geopolitical conflicts. Climate change. Ecological collapse.
Technological dystopia. Social upheaval. Culture wars. Nuclear threats.

Humanity is at a crossroad.

Brace for an apocalypse. Nurture a renaissance.

Taking cues from the European Renaissance, which emerged from the Dark Ages amidst plagues, trade, and wars, we fancy a new renaissance in the context of the 21st century, as we confront a potent mix of humanity-level existential challenges.  What might enable a desperately-needed renewal, and catalyze a profound transformation? What lessons can we learn from history? How can we shape the future for better trajectories? How will the changing world order hasten or hinder such trajectories? What inspirations can be drawn for personal renewal, whether or not a large-scale societal renaissance materializes? 
Podcast “21st Century Renaissance” will interview authors, thinkers, practitioners, artists, scientists, creative leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs who reimagine a world of possibilities, going beyond or even against prevailing narratives and methodologies. It showcases promising new explorations, approaches, and organizations, as well as those that have been on the fringe, daring to ask probing new questions, reframe problems, and reinvent systems for a creative rebirth.

The conversations are themed around what we imagine as cornerstones of a 21st Century Renaissance:


But as the Chinese saying goes: 抛砖引玉 - “cast a brick to attract the jade”, the humble framework is to spur valuable discourse revealing greater wisdom and forces for human revival and flourishing.


Hopeful skeptic.

Free thinker.

Stubborn truth seeker.

Edge dancer.

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This project is a creative outlet of an artist-at-heart in the world of business.

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